Yanagisawa TWO2 - Tenor Saxophone - Bronze

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The Yanagisawa TWO2 Tenor Saxophone is a versatile and free blowing saxophone that is favoured by both the beginner and advanced musician.

The upgraded replacement for the T902 series, the TWO2 is still assertively placed in the professional market and offers a strong and smooth tone able to fit into any playing style or genre. Many upgraded design features for the WO series make this saxophone even easier to blow right out of the box, including a new front F key design as well as more practical right and left hand side keys and improved structural support. Thanks to the re-engineered bore and tone holes, the TWO2 has an even stronger tonal core. 

Key: Bb

Range: Low Bb to High F#

Materials: Bronze Body, Bell and Neck with Brass Keys and a clear lacquered finish.
Hand Engraving on the bell

Octave Key System: Fluororesin Non-Stick Mechanism, with a non-stick coating, Yanagisawa have ensured a more reliable action than the standard key mechanism.

Air-tight, Waterproof Pads: Extended pad life and precise seals on the tone holes.

Metal Pad Reflectors: Add clarity to the tone and improve the response across the whole instrument.

White Shell Keys: Indented shell keys ensure optimal grip and increased comfort on the player's fingers and prevent slipping even in the most technically demanding passages.

Palm Key Plate: Now as standard on the WO series, the addition of the palm key plate delivers high range resonance, acoustic depth, added projection and added tonal stability.

Neck Plate: Gives a tighter, more controlled tone and a great aesthetic look around the octave key system.

Stronger Bell Arm Keys and Key Buffers: Improved reliability and action on the lower notes.

Blue Steel Springs: Offer enhanced key action vs. stainless steel, holding their tension more effectively.

Brass Thumb Rest: Four small points of contact minimise the effect on the tone of the instrument, while still providing comfort and support.

Balanced Tri-Point Brace: Firm link between the body and bell of the horn, providing strong structural support.

Also Includes a Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpiece and Deluxe Yanagisawa case with backpack straps.

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