With nearly two decades of experience our technician provides a fully professional repair service to bands, schools, professional and student musicians.
He will undertake quality instrument servicing, restoration, overhauls and minor repairs within agreed timescales.
Bring your instrument in for a free quote and advice on the nature of your repair, service or modification.
To keep your instruments in good order, a routine service can go a long way.
A service will include:
    Dismantling all key-work
    Cleaning throughout, showing particular attention to posts, springs tone holes and tenon joints
    All key-work is inspected and any worn pads or cork are replaced (maximum 4/5 pads)
    Tenon corks are inspected and repaired as necessary
    Key-work is aligned, fitted and lubricated
    Each individual pad is levelled and seated
    Instrument is regulated and checked for air leaks
    Instrument final tested 
    Call: 01413399400 or Email: glasgow@bandsupplies.co.uk
    Prices for all the services we provide are available on request.