Theo Wanne Water Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - Size 3

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The Theo Wanne™ WATER mouthpiece has been in Research and Development for over four years.   The sound concept of the WATER is unlike any other Theo Wanne™ mouthpiece; it is designed entirely for the classically trained musician.

You will find a rich beautiful core to the sound, in fact, richer than any other classical mouthpiece we tested vintage or new.  This is intentional and due to a truly unique small  chamber/throat that compresses the airstream.  Theo’s new design technology channels the compressed air stream into the saxophone neck tube in a unique way resulting in a sound richer, and not pinched, like other small chamber designs.

The Shark-Gill™ Baffle developed by Theo is also very unique.  It both channels and disrupts the airstream at the same time.  This is similar to the flow of water over a sharks skin allowing it to travel faster.   The air fills up the full volume of the small chamber/throat more efficiently.

You will find the WATER to have enough resistance for the classical musician, yet it never feels clogged or like you must fight the mouthpiece.   The WATER comes only in size 3.  We are very proud of this very unique design in the Classical Mouthpiece World, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.     As part of the new Elements Series, this mouthpiece has ALL the Theo Wanne™ quality, yet we can offer it at a very nice price, and the Elements Series is already winning awards

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