Selmer Super Action 80 Tenor Saxophone 1984

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A hopefully relevant history lesson! After Selmer Paris stopped making the famous Mark VI saxophone, Mark VII tenors and altos were released to the market (sopranos and baritones continued as the Mark VI model). The Mark VII instruments did not achieve the legendary status of the Mark VI. For whatever reason that was, and there is much discussion online on the subject, the Mark VII did not gain popularity at the time, although there is certainly a vintage market for these instruments now. Selmer Paris, manufactured Mark VI saxes from 1954 until about 1974. Mark VIIs were sold from 1975 for only 4 or 5 years, however, concentrating on rich harmonics in the upper register and a powerful sound suited to the rock and pop music of the 1970s. The advent of the 1980s brought with it the end of the relatively unpopular Mark VII and the start of the Super Action 80 series which is what this instrument is. This is an original  Series I tenor sax and was made in 1984. This model was followed by the Series II and Series III both of which are still manufactured today. The writer owned a Series I tenor and play testing this one brought back the feel of a free blowing, total Selmer sound and many happy memories of gigs around the country during the 1980s. The example we have for sale is in good condition, blows nicely and retains most of its lacquer. The rear body lacquer is a little worn away which is proof that this was owned by a player. That of course is compensated for in the knowledge that the instrument was played regularly and that is apparent from the playing condition. We argued over whether this instrument is vintage or just pre-owned. It’s 38 years old. It’s Selmer. I had one back in the day. I’m calling it vintage!! This is a great instrument for any advanced intermediate or professional player. Available to try at The Saxophone Shop, Glasgow.

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