Key Leaves RULON Alto Saxophone Palm Key Removal Kit


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For young students or beginners with smaller hands, maneuvering around the saxophone’s palm keys is no easy task. Since they’re rarely used in the beginning stages of saxophone study, why not temporarily remove them? That’s exactly what Key Leaves’ RULON Alto Saxophone Palm Key Removal Kit accomplishes, sporting all the tools and information necessary to safely remove the saxophone’s bulky palm keys for easier saxophone navigation. This kit includes tone hole covers that form a snug, tight fit over the removed palm keys, and it even offers a safe storage solution for your palm keys until they’re ready to be re-attached.

  • Temporarily removes palm keys on alto sax, allowing young students to maneuver their hands
  • Included tone hole covers make a tight, firm seal once your palm keys are removed
  • Safely stores palm keys until they are ready to be re-installed
  • Includes instructions and tools necessary to remove and re-install palm keys
  • Includes ergonomic RULON thumb rest
  • Fingering chart, printable music, and lesson videos are also included to help aspiring students along in their musical journey


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