Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone Pre Owned


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Fancy a sax that is provides a bit of character??

Well this Keilworth Alto Sax will certainly provide that, being made in Germany this Horn is very well built. It looks fine as well as sounding phenomenal. 

Thinking of changing? 

Not sure which Brand to go for?

Or fancy a change from one of the main three brands?

Well try out this pre owned Keilworth SX90R Alto out!!

It will certainly open your eyes and your ears! Great condition in both body and sound.


  • Key : Eb
  • Range : Low Bb to High F#
  • Material : German Brass
  • Key buttons : Mother of pearl
  • Palm keys : Adjustable
  • Thumb rest : Metal, adjustable
  • Pads : Leather Pisoni
  • Resonators : Metal
  • Engraving : Laser precision engraved
  • Tone holes : Drawn with Hand Soldered Rings
  • Body and key finish : Gold laqueur 


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