Drake SON OF SLANT Jazz Tenor Large Chamber Mouthpiece


Size: 7

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This tenor model features the essential design elements of a vintage HR Otto Link Slant with specially calibrated modifications for the modern saxophonist.  
The rollover baffle and floor delivery points have been specifically designed for optimal air flow and to create a beautifully balanced overtone series.  
This mouthpiece features a slight undercutting of the side walls and a medium or large chamber.  
This is THE mouthpiece for jazz saxophonists looking for the vintage feel with a modern delivery. 
"Son of Slant" is made from our specially engineered Hybrid Vintage Resin Material, which incorporates a small amount of ceramic into the resin, this enhances the acoustic resonance while also contributing a beautiful vintage aesthetic.  
Each mouthpieces includes the Aaron Drake Vintage Resin Double Rail ligature, which has been specifically designed for this model.  Also included: Cap, pouch, and carrying case

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