What’s the difference between a Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone and a Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone?

What’s the difference between a Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone and a Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone?



Both the Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone and the Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone are instruments that bring out the best of the performer and are ideal choice for up-and-coming players.


Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone


Yamaha’s newest step-up model, the YAS480 Alto Saxophone, has many of the same features found on our professional models, providing it with greater playability and optimum tone and a quick response compared to other intermediate saxophones. It is ideal for the advancing player. It has a broad, rich, open and expressive sound and is the perfect instrument to take your playing to another level.


The YAS480 is even further enhanced with a new low B-C# connection for better adjustment and a new octave system that facilitates the use of custom necks. This means you can alter the sound of the YAS480 by changing the neck to a custom Yamaha model - for a more mature quality of sound- perfect for advancing students looking to step up their game!


Lightweight and durable, the Yamaha YAS480 saxophone is designed to make the step up from your student model smooth and enjoyable.



Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone


The Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone is generally regarded as one of the best student horns on the market. For getting started and even as a budget horn for a more advanced player, these are an ideal choice. With its smooth key work, easy-blowing character, and overall responsiveness this is a sax that is very hard to beat. 


Relatively light-weight and ergonomically shaped, you will find it is easy to hold and play. The intonation is great, as you would expect from Yamaha, and it is easy to get a clean and focused sound.


The design of the YAS-280 is lightweight and ergonomic offering a comfortable playing experience. The neck receiver on the body of the saxophone has been refined with improved rigidity - it's firmly set in place with a durable tightening screw. On the base of the instrument, the low B - C# mechanism has been modified to ensure full and consistent closure of the pads. This prevents air leakage and thus gives a more confident sound in the YAS-280's lower register. An adjustable thumb-rest ensures that even small hands are able to reach all the notes without unnecessary stretching (helping learners to play more comfortably for longer durations). Thanks to improved connectors and bracing, the YAS-280 is also more durable than its predecessors.


The perfect entry-level instrument.