Yamaha YTS-82Z Atelier Tenor Saxophone - Unlacquered - (No high F#)



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Limited models that grow out of the day-to-day interaction between artists and Yamaha Atelier staff

Instrument designers and technicians from Yamaha Ateliers teamed up with renowned artist and launched an in-depth research and development program aimed at creating an instrument that would give leading artists the elevated levels of musical expression and performance capability they need.

Giving full consideration even the finest details such as key layout and weight balance into consideration, the development team redesigned and refined the instrument part by part, eventually reaching an extremely high level of performance in the YTS-82ZASP.

Reduced C1 Neck Weightã€_x0081_Lightweight Thumb Rest Baseã€_x0081_and Independent key pillar bases are used for the right-hand main linkage. Concentrated efforts to reduce weight have led to comfortable playability and a present, dry tone that also projects well.

A refined key layout, strap ring placement and new neck Screw have been developed through repeated testing and evaluation. The result is outstanding playability and balance that allow the performer to concentrate fully on the music.

A rugged yet portable flight case is provided.

We say...

Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Saxophone Atelier Model
These lovely Horns are based on the legendary Custom Z model used by many of the world’s top professionals. Instead of the V1 neck it is supplied with a C1 neck, this has a narrower taper and bore than the V1. The neck-screw is oversized and adds more mass to the Horn. The Atelier models come with either a High F# key or without. Most Vintage Horns never had this extra key and many older professionals and technicians will tell you that having a High F# key weakens the Horn by having this Key-Cup close to the point where the Neck meets the Body. On testing this we agree, the (without) High F# model seems slightly fuller in sound and more robust to play. You can have it in either a lovely Umber lacquer or an un-lacquered version. The Atelier model feels lighter compared to the normal Custom Z and the Keywork harks back to some of the legendary Vintage Horns…but plays with the all the consistency of all Yamaha Horns.

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