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An interesting vintage instrument.
Selmer Super Action (generally known as Super Balanced Action) saxophones were made between 1947 and 1954 and were the predecessors of the Selmer Mark VI. They are rarer than the Mark VI as far fewer of them were made, (9,100 tenor SBAs as opposed to 83,530 tenor Mark VIs). In fact some players prefer the SBA to the Mark VI. However the relationship between the two models is apparent, both in feel and sound. The SBA is comfortable to play whereas some vintage instruments are not. This instrument has a classic vintage tone which is both warm and bright. It is free blowing but with just the right amount of resistance.
This tenor sax has a serial number which dates it to 1954. The Selmer saxophonist, collector and researcher, Douglas Pipher, in his Improved Selmer Saxophone Model Chart tells us that the last tenor SBA ever made was serial number 55780 which means that this one is also in the last 200 of the Selmer SBA production. It has much of its original lacquer, its original case and will be sold serviced and ready to blow. This is a player’s horn as well as being a part of saxophone history and is well worth a look.

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