FREE BBIS one year insurance cover

 No matter how careful you are, instruments do get damaged, lost or stolen, and that is why Band Supplies has arranged this special one year free policy with Brass Band Insurance Services.

We strongly recommend that you insure the instrument, not on your home insurance but with a specialist musical instrument insurer.

All BBIS policies offer much wider cover than the traditional home insurance and all their policies are issued on behalf of Aviva Insurance guaranteeing maximum security.


As a valued customer you will also recieve a one year FREE musical instrument policy with any NEW instrument purchased from either the Band Supplies stores, website or exibition trade stands.

The offer of FREE INSURANCE holds good for just 21 days from the date of purchase.


To claim your one year FREE insurance policy, simply complete the BBIS proposal form and forward it along with a copy of your Band Supplies invoice and insurance information sheet which will be supplied with your new instrument.


Brass Band Insurance Services

Tel: 020 8759 0825